South Point Bikes

Visual Identity, Strategy, Website

Project information

Year: 2017
Medium: Visual Identity, Strategy, Website
Commissioned By: South Point Bikes
In collaboration with: Q Square Consultants, Iain Lorraine and Bob Kloos
Programming: Ruben van de Ven
Motion Design: Willem van Amerom

South Point is a bicycle brand specialised in compact electric mobility. With their folding e-bikes South Point makes cycling a better choice of transport for more journeys, and helps commuters and other travellers to plan journeys more comfortably and to adapt more easily once they are on their way.

The strategic positioning for South Point takes as its starting point one of the very first compass invented in ancient china around 750 BC. This specific compass was special since it is the only compass that points south, rather than north. Alike these ancient South Pointers, compact electric mobility will radically change our perception of travelling.

The visual identity and website for South Point break with often seen aesthetics and communication within the bicycle industry. Through colour, typography and composition it positions the brand as outside the cycling industry, and defines a new image around compact electric mobility.