Photobooks &


Project information

Year: 2021
Medium: Book
Commissioned by: Onomatopee
Format: Width: 170mm; Height: 240mm
Pages: 212
Author: Matt Johnston
Produced by: Printon AS
Published by: Onomatopee

Photobooks & is a critical inquiry into the topology of the photobook and the photobook community. Written by Matt Johnston, it looks at the way in which photobooks are developed, viewed and made public. The book is designed as a compact reader-sized format, in which references and notes are placed in the margin, offering the reader multiple ways of reading.

The visual aesthetic of the book takes the technical essence of photography starting point: the diaphragm opening and closing, causing light to fall onto the photographic film in the camera. As seen on the cover, a dotted pattern of tiny diaphragms creates a gradient like effect that blurs the letters and numbers it is applied to. The effect in itself embodies the author’s critical inquiry and academic effort of bringing a certain subject into focus.