In Light of Recent Events

Book, Research

Project information

Year: 2022
Medium: Book, Research
Texts written by: Nadine Botha & Colin Keays
Format: 170mm x 240mm
Pages: 108
Produced by: Art Libro | Cassochrome
Commissioned by: Self-initiated

In Light of Recent Events is a scrapbook that serves as a personal reflection on the visual topology of news reporting and the aesthetics with which news images and headlines communicate a sense of urgency and immediacy, that marks the state of alertness today.

The images in this book try to illustrate the battle for the publics’ short attention span by means of catchy headlines and provocative images. Through colour, composition and typography In Light of Recent Events tries to visually distort the familiar use of these building blocks and aims to create an even bigger and more outrageous spectacle of news reporting.

In Light of Recent Events is the result of experimentation and research into the aesthetics of news reporting over the course of 2019, 2020 and 2021. It was made possible by the talent Development Grant, awarded by the Creative Industries Fund NL.