Design Academy Graduation Show 2021

Visual Identity, Campaign

Project information

Year: 2021
Medium: Visual Identity, Campaign
Commissioned by: Design Academy Eindhoven
In collaboration with: Wibke Bramesfeld

Every year the Design Academy Eindhoven Graduation Show is held during the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. It is a showcase of all the thesis projects of the past years’ graduates — in 2021 a total of 164 projects of the ’19/’20 academic year from both the bachelor and master courses.

The visual identity and the campaign for the 2021 Graduation Show takes the concept of indexing as a starting point. Based on the project descriptions an elaborate index was compiled for the 2021 project catalogue — a set of several hundred terms, concepts and themes derived from the graduation project. Ranging from ‘colonialism’ to ‘yoga,’ the list captures the interests of the graduates as well as the issues in a broader playing field of design.

This compiled index is clearly visible in the communication in an around the show. On each carrier the index are visible, showing small glimpses of the conceptual framework of the show. Inspired by a simple process of cutting away paper, a second layer reveals certain parts of the index and emphasises the editorial process of compiling it.