Ward Goes is a graphic designer based between Paris and Amsterdam. For both cultural and commercial clients he works on visual identities, publications, campaigns and printed materials, as well as art-direction, digital content and websites. His work is usually characterized by a colourful and detailed interaction between typography, images and graphics.

Besides commissioned projects, he also develops his own body of work, often in collaboration with other designers and artists. He mostly focusses on printmaking, but also makes objects, installations and is involved with text-based research. These projects explore contemporary visual culture, with a keen focus on the aesthetics of urgency associated with news reporting and public debate. In 2022 he bundled these interests and insights in his self-published book ‘In Light of Recent Events’. In 2020 he produced a series a silkscreen prints called ‘Truth’s Triptych’, about the uproar over the U.S. Embassy in Israël from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

He has worked with a variety of companies and organisations, such as the Technical University of Eindhoven, MU Artspace, Random Studio, KRO-NCRV, École Internationale de Mode et Luxe, Kaan Architects, Design Academy Eindhoven, Chanel, Onomatopee, Volkshotel Amsterdam and Creative Coding Utrecht. Since 2016 Ward is a tutor in both master and bachelor departments at the Design Academy Eindhoven.


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