Selling Nothing

Poster Design

Commissioned by Onomatopee (2020)




Selling Nothing is a commissioned poster design, part of the exhibition Post - The Poster at the Eindhoven based  project space Onomatopee.


Posters are hybrid. They are both information carriers and design objects at the same time. Therefore postering is not only a commercial affair, but also an artistic statement. It is an act of empowerment: materialising the events, concepts and ideas we ourselves are trying to create visibility for. Admittedly, posters might not be the most effective form of communication anno 2020, making that postering has almost become an indulgence, in which needs, believes and results are perhaps not aligned.


’Selling Nothing’ playfully demonstrates this contradiction as it contrasts the visual vocabularies seen in sales ads (e.g. primary colours, bold typography, repetitive graphic elements) with baroque-like patterns and adornments. Depending on how you look at it, this poster is either an odd looking advertisement that is selling nothing, or a decorative object that only advertises its uselessness. It is not trying to sell anything, but it is for sale.

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