Design Academy Eindhoven Graduation Catalogue

Book Design (504 pages, 240mm x 170mm)

Commissioned by Design Academy Eindhoven (2020)




Book design and art direction for the 2020 Graduation Catalogue of the Design Academy Eindhoven. The catalogue is structured by an algorithm that generates hypothetical news headlines based on a dataset that is compiled of all the project texts and theses. The generated headlines reveal the overarching themes of the graduates' work and describe a future world, according to the graduating designers.


The custom designed handwritten typeography and a type-in-type principle show that the printed headlines are based on a complex dataset, of which many alternative headlines could be generated. This idea of ephemerality is enforced by the three differently coloured covers that each feature an unique headline.


In contrast to the complex headlines, the straightforward design of the interior is based on common reader lay-outs, consistently featuring a full-bleed photograph on the right-hand page, and the project information on the left-hand page.

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